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A full-time dojo, dedicated exclusively to teaching the martial art of Aikido since 2000. Chief Instructor, Dave Goldberg Sensei, 5th Dan.

Aikido of San Diego

A full-time dojo, dedicated exclusively to teaching the martial art of Aikido since 2000. Chief Instructor, Dave Goldberg Sensei, 5th Dan.

Aikido of San Diego

Call Us: 619 993-2454

619 993-2454

Call Us: 619 993-2454

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About Aikido

Aikido is the world's only truly life-affirming martial arts practice. You may consider it the martial art you would want to use if you were attacked by someone you truly care about. It combines a vast array of techniques with principles of body, mind, and spirit to help us meet conflict and life more clearly, responsively, and positively. Aikido is a modern evolution of Japanese martial arts in the tradition of Budo, and it translates as “The way of unifying with life energy.”

You'll practice getting centered, blending with the energy of attack, and redirecting it in dynamic, graceful, and effective ways. Aikido is a complete path of personal mastery, and a non-competitive way to explore the flow of response to ever-changing conditions as they are.

The Origins of Aikido

Aikido was founded by Morihei Ueshiba, known to students of Aikido as "O-Sensei." O-Sensei developed Aikido as an expression of his inspiration—that martial arts can be a path for deepening our connection with all things, and a way of forging ourselves as more self-aware, effective, and free people in harmony with life.

Why People Practice Aikido

Personal Development

Aikido is a framework for using our body-mind system without strain, for transforming reactivity into responsiveness, and for engaging the moment more functionally. Aikido is also a way to discover our connection to everything, and shed light on the big questions of life that we all share. Aikido of San Diego members often share stories of how Aikido had unexpected positive effects on their life. Parents appreciate the growth reflected in their children, and dedicated students discover new dimensions to themselves, their activities, and their relationship with life.

Health & Fitness

Movement in Aikido is a full-body activity, and quite aerobic much of the time. At Aikido of San Diego we teach you to use your body efficiently, and so you will likely discover over time that your body is finding its own balance and alignment in whatever you do. Critical to Aikido, too, is learning to settle the body-mind. This is perhaps one of the most healthful elements of Aikido training as it calms the whole system to bring out the best in your actions. It's also a lot of fun, which makes it easy to want to show up.

Conflict Resolution & Engagement

The way Aikido is practiced makes it a model for understanding the greater context of conflict, engagement, communication, and relationship, and points to how we can deal with those issues in more evolved ways. Aikido has been cited in many books on topics dealing with mediation, negotiation, relationships, and personal development. Why? Because in Aikido you are learning to work *with* the conditions of conflict, and not against them.

Self-defense & Safety

Aikido technique, and the unique way in which it's practiced, makes it an effective tool for dealing with physical assault. Because of the practice's emphasis on efficient interaction between body, ground, and attacker, you don't need to be big, strong, or forceful to get results. You will learn how to engage conditions, blend with attack, redirect it, and apply yourself in responsive and dynamic ways. You will also learn how to fall safely and meet the ground more favorably, which is an important and often overlooked concern.

Aikido of San Diego - Where the Heart of Aikido is Alive

Aikido of San Diego - Where the Heart of Aikido is Alive

Morihei Ueshiba - O Sensei - The Founder of Aikido

"There are no contests in the Art of Peace. A true warrior is invincible because he or she contests with nothing. Defeat means to defeat the mind of contention that we harbor within."

Morihei Ueshiba - O Sensei


Member - Oya Paugh

Oya Paugh

After practicing Zen Buddhist meditation for many years, I realized that it was not enough to just park the body in a mediation posture and breathe. Looking at Zen practitioners, I saw very few who succeeded in bringing their practice into everyday life, so I went searching for a practice that would be something like Zen in motion. I found aikido and it's turned out to be much more than just Zen in motion.

There is something about moving your body in relationship to another body. Things that the mind can barely grasp are revealed and manifested through this interaction with another person.

When I first walked into Aikido of San Diego, I found friendly people and a safe and supportive environment in which people practice and evolve together. This is not a solitary practice, but one that relies on community and one that builds community. It is a practice that transforms and manifests in a positive way everywhere, in all relationships whether professional or personal.

I bring the things I learn at aikido to everything in my life. As a nurse at work, I am more assertive and effective in communicating with patients and in my personal relationships, I have learned to be more aware and responsive.

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