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A full-time dojo, dedicated exclusively to teaching the martial art of Aikido since 2000. Chief Instructor, Dave Goldberg Sensei, 5th Dan.

Aikido of San Diego

A full-time dojo, dedicated exclusively to teaching the martial art of Aikido since 2000. Chief Instructor, Dave Goldberg Sensei, 5th Dan.

Aikido of San Diego

Call Us: 619 993-2454

619 993-2454

Call Us: 619 993-2454

An Evolutionary Aikido seminar at Aikido of San Diego

Calendar & Events - Aikido Seminars in San Diego

Here you will find dates and announcements about workshops, retreats, dojo community events, exam dates, holiday closures, and anything else related to what's happening at Aikido of San Diego.

May 20, 2017 Goldberg Sensei leading "Authentic Form-Timeless Flow" near Denver, CO.
June 17, 2017 Exams after class & summer party!
July 21, 2017 Friday workshop at 6:15. Topic TBA.
August 18, 2017 Friday workshop at 6:15. Topic TBA.
August 25-27, 2017 Goldberg Sensei co-instructing "Touched By Aikido" in Los Angeles. Road trip!
September 1, 2017 Friday workshop at 6:15. Topic TBA.
September 30, 2017 Exams after regular class.
October 13, 2017 The Aiki Cafe & Lab. 5:30-8:00. Come when you can.
October 28-29, 2017 "Form, Flow, and Freedom" with Dan Messisco & Dave Goldberg
November 23-25, 2017 Dojo closed for Thanksgiving.
December 9, 2017 Exams and holiday party after regular class!
Dec 25 - Jan 1 Dojo closed for holidays. Open mat sessions may be organized.
January 2, 2018 A new 10-week term of Aikido Action Hour begins (5-7 year olds).
January 3, 2018 Special New Year training 6:30-8:30.
Aikido seminars and events at Aikido of San Diego

Recent Promotions

Circle of Aikido students after exams

Congratulations to the following Aikidoists for their promotions!

September 30, 2017:
Amy Tarris, 3 Kyu
Rosalind Haselbeck, 3 Kyu
Timmy Royal. Blue Belt (youth)

July 31, 2017:
Mateo Rivera, Purple Belt (youth)
Matthew Nagal, Yellow Belt (youth)
Amaya Pfister, Yellow Belt (youth)

June 17, 2017:
Will Garrington, 1 Kyu
Chloe Cisneros, 1 Kyu
Amanda Garrington, 5 Kyu
Artur Harutyunyan, Purple Belt (youth)
Simona Berger, Purple Belt (youth)
Sammy Rivera, Orange Belt (youth)

May 10, 2017:
Liam Manzo, Green Belt (youth)
Lucas Trang, Green Belt (youth)
Arsen Harutyunyan, Orange Belt (youth)
Lily Humphrey, Orange Belt (youth)
Aleah Reed, Orange Belt (youth)
Neshama Reed, Orange Belt (youth)
Hayato Bott-Suzuki, Yellow Belt (youth)

Aikido of San Diego, formerly Aikido of Mission Valley, has been offering Aikido seminars, Aikido retreats, and Aikido workshops in San Diego for over a decade. We have had the privilege of training with many great instructors, including Robert Nadeau Sensei, Miles Kessler Sensei, Patrick Cassidy Sensei, Mary Heiny Sensei, Denise Barry Sensei, Kayla Feder Sensei, Teja Bell Sensei, Dan Messisco Sensei, and of course our own Dave Goldberg Sensei. Subjects have ranged from weapons retreats and exam technique workshops to major events in Evolutionary Aikido, connection, and personal development. In addition to hosting seminars at the Aikido of San Diego dojo, we have co-sponsored seminars with other San Diego area dojos, and groups of our students have traveled together to Aikido retreats and seminars throughout California.

Interested in offering your own martial arts seminars, yoga workshops, fitness classes, or exercise programs? Our facility is available for one-time or ongoing rental to any group with a peaceful agenda. Complete information about renting dojo space here.

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The dojo is 2 minutes from I-15 and I-8,
near Friars and Mission Gorge Rd

6356 Riverdale Street
San Diego, CA 92120

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