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A full-time dojo, dedicated exclusively to teaching the martial art of Aikido since 2000. Chief Instructor, Dave Goldberg Sensei, 6th Dan.

Aikido of San Diego

A full-time dojo, dedicated exclusively to teaching the martial art of Aikido since 2000. Chief Instructor, Dave Goldberg Sensei, 6th Dan.

Aikido of San Diego

Call Us: 619 993-2454

619 993-2454

Call Us: 619 993-2454

Evolutionary Aikido 2019

Patrick Cassidy Sensei leading an Evolutionary Aikido seminar at Aikido of San Diego in 2012. Megan Palm, uke.

February 15-17, 2019 at Aikido of San Diego

The basis for Evolutionary Aikido is that we are all connected in one system. It acknowledges the developmental processes available through Aikido, and should thus be considered a perspective on the art, not a style. Evolutionary Aikido concerns not only the improvement of skills, but also a multi-dimensional transformation of ourselves. We look into what is our next step of being, and how do we make space for this new level of understanding, ability, and awareness to manifest. We face this and explore how to express this perspective of integrated unity in our Aikido.

This year we are delving into new territory which we call "Aiki Combat Improv!"

Aiki Combat Improv is a unique supplemental practice offered in the Evolutionary Aikido Community. ACI is an extension of Aikido freestyle (jiyuwaza) where uke is as free as nage to respond. It’s framed in order to synthesize the movements and principles of Aikido with an open context in which both partners can play and create. The goal is to facilitate (1) a greater sense of being and consciousness, (2) a more fluid sense of responsiveness, and (3) power that honors the relationship. ACI can be practiced in many forms, and with any attack or position. It is not locked down to techniques but free to be in organic relationship with the other in the moment. Bring an alive body, free heart, and open mind. Gis/belts/hakamas are not worn. Dress in simple gi pants and t-shirt.

Patrick Cassidy Sensei

Patrick Cassidy Sensei is the Chief Instructor of Aikido Montreux in Switzerland. He spent seven years in Iwama, Japan practicing under the late Morihiro Saito Sensei, and was the founder and Chief Instructor of Aikido of Fresno. Cassidy Sensei's work in Aikido is inspired by a path of evolution and self-awakening, and offers an accessible framework for students to pursue the path of their own transformation.

Dave Goldberg Sensei

Aikido of San Diego's Dave Goldberg Sensei originally met Patrick Cassidy in Iwama, Japan where he was also training. He remained in Japan for three-and-a-half years, and trained under a variety of instructors. In 1998 he devoted himself to teaching Aikido full-time. Dave Goldberg Sensei's work in Aikido is dedicated to a path in martial arts that is affirming, and sheds light on questions of life that we all share.

Schedule & Registration

FRIDAY ~ 6:30-8:00 Training
SATURDAY ~ 10:00-4:00 Training w/break for lunch, 6:30 evening activity TBA
SUNDAY ~ 10:00-12:00 Training

Evolutionary Aikido seminars are typically based in process and theme. We, therefore ask for a certain level of commitment. The full seminar is $179. Saturday only is $139. No other registration options are offered.


Sorry, but no more registrations will be taken. Please join us next year.

A cool, classic video from Aikido Montreux.

Patrick Cassidy Sensei, on "The Misunderstanding of Conflict"

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