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A full-time dojo, dedicated exclusively to teaching the martial art of Aikido since 2000. Chief Instructor, Dave Goldberg Sensei, 6th Dan.

Aikido of San Diego

A full-time dojo, dedicated exclusively to teaching the martial art of Aikido since 2000. Chief Instructor, Dave Goldberg Sensei, 6th Dan.

Aikido of San Diego

Call Us: 619 993-2454

619 993-2454

Call Us: 619 993-2454

A student folding his hakama, the black flowing pants worn by yudansha (black belts).

Dojo Affiliations, Resources, and Martial Arts Supplies

A collection of information and resources for members and others interested in training in Aikido.

Dojo Affiliations

Aikido of San Diego is a founding member of the Evolutionary Aikido Community, which is connected to the Aikikai headquartered in Tokyo.

The EAC is supervised by Patrick Cassidy Sensei of Aikido Montreux in Switzerland.

Circulo De Aikido Tijuana is also part of the Aikido of San Diego family, and an EAC affiliate.

Online Resources

If you are interested in additional aikido-related information, here are some useful sites to visit:

Aikido Journal Online


Aikido World

The Aikido FAQ

Aikido of San Diego Links

Find photos, videos, our Facebook page, and more:

Aikido of San Diego on Facebook
We also have a dojo "Group" for members on Facebook for dojo announcements, coordination, and discussions.

Our Photos and Videos on Facebook
Hundreds of photos in dozens of albums - the dojo, exams, seminars, retreat, events, parties, and more.

Aikido of San Diego on YouTube
Check out our videos from seminars, retreats, demos, and other dojo events.

Aikido of San Diego on Vimeo
Fun, expressive Aikido exploration videos.

Aikido of San Diego on Yelp
Read reviews by members, seminar participants, and dojo visitors.

Supplies & Equipment

A good-quality training uniform is included in our introductory package. There is nothing else you have to buy. Training weapons, or "sticks" - bokken, jo, and tanto - are available for students to use at the dojo.

If you should wish to buy additional gi, ask Sensei. Also, there are many martial arts supply companies that sell training uniforms (also known as gi, dogi, or keikogi) for different arts. Uniforms for training at Aikido of San Diego should be white, with no patches or other decoration. Grappling gi, such as those used in judo, are appropriate. A lighter-weight gi may be appropriate if the material and seams are sturdy enough.

If you want to buy sticks of your own, they should be made of high quality oak or hickory. Poor quality equipment is dangerous to you and you training partners, and will not be allowed on the mat.

Sensei and senior students can answer any questions and help you find the appropriate products. If in doubt, check before purchasing anything.


Learning Aikido requires regular practice and hands-on teaching. You cannot learn Aikido by reading a book. But you can expand your understanding of the art. Here are a few to get you started:

Student Handbooks

You are invited to download our student handbooks:

Aikido of San Diego Membership Handbook [PDF]
Includes information about being an Aikido student and dojo member, dojo and training etiquette, dojo procedures and policies. The handbook is also where you will find details on ranking and exam preparation, exam content requirements, and Aikido reference information and terminology.

Children's Program Handbook [PDF]
Includes important information on the optional Saturday morning class, expectations of parents, expectations of children, and exam information and content

These handbooks are required reading for all dojo members. You can print them for convenient reference, or download and read them on most mobile devices.

Visit Us

Observers & visiting Aikidoka are always welcome.

The dojo is 2 minutes from I-15 and I-8,
near Friars and Mission Gorge Rd

6356 Riverdale Street
San Diego, CA 92120

Taking public transportation?
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Connect with Us

We would love to hear from you!

To reach Goldberg Sensei
with any of your Aikido
or dojo-related questions

Email to
Phone 619 993-2454 (AIKI)

Stay in touch

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