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A full-time dojo, dedicated exclusively to teaching the martial art of Aikido since 2000. Chief Instructor, Dave Goldberg Sensei, 5th Dan.

Aikido of San Diego

A full-time dojo, dedicated exclusively to teaching the martial art of Aikido since 2000. Chief Instructor, Dave Goldberg Sensei, 5th Dan.

Aikido of San Diego

Call Us: 619 993-2454

619 993-2454

Call Us: 619 993-2454

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Mindfulness Training — Give Your Experience an Upgrade

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is simply awareness to what is happening around you and within you, and is a capacity that can be developed with practice. Mindfulness training positively effects all aspects of living, and can dramatically increase your well-being and decrease stress and anxiety. It works by simply and gently exercising three fundamental skills:

(1) Focusing on what is relevant, (2) Sensing with increasing clarity and resolution, and (3) Allowing experience to flow through your field of awareness without push or pull.

You can think of mindfulness training as awareness exercise for an upgraded human experience.

Everyone agrees that when you want to improve at something, you practice. That's obvious to us when it involves physical and mental skills. What's less obvious is that all of it—indeed the human experience itself—is fundamentally built on awareness. Improving it means improving you and your experience with all aspects of life.

Mindfulness Courses

We are currently running our introductory course, Essentials of Mindfulness. More advanced, and mastery-level courses will be added in the future. Stay tuned. Courses are instructed by Dave Goldberg Sensei.


This is our foundational course accessible to any adult. It's perfect for those with little or no mindfulness training, or for those with some experience who wish to tune up or round out their practice. Essentials of Mindfulness is a 4-week course that meets twice a week — Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:15-1:00.

In this course we work with awareness primarily through four orientations: breath, body, perception, and movement. Classes are practice-oriented, and get you going on a foundational path of your own. Expect to include some daily practice recommendations outside of class as well.

Register for Essentials of Mindfulness on the right side of this page. Aikido of San Diego members who are committed to attending and completing the course may enroll for no additional cost. It's included with Aikido membership in our adult program. Contact Sensei to enroll. More advanced mindfulness courses are offered to dojo members at a discount.

Save some time. Print and complete the class waiver/registration form in advance of your first visit.

Join the Mindfulness@noon Facebook group to keep up with class happenings and announcements.

Register below for Essentials of Mindfulness, a 4-week foundational course for only $99!


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